2013. Bamboo, Natural Fibers, Paper Umbrellas and Chopsticks. approx 140'x60'x45'
Canopy was a month long site-specific installation created in October 2013 for Hamilton Hall at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. This interactive work was commissioned by the University for Philadelphia Design Week in conjunction with the Creating Exhibitions symposium. Built of all natural materials using traditional techniques, a giant canopy of paper umbrellas filters the immense architectural experience of the hall to a more immediate experience. Canopy is ever-changing. Each of the 105 umbrellas is hung by a hemp string from a bamboo grid suspended above. The height of each umbrella and its position is manipulated by participants. By turning spindle in a bamboo box mounted on the balcony, participants can raise or lower an individual umbrella. What results from this interaction is a unique, fluid three-dimensional sculpture in the air, evolving with each movement and action. Canopy challenges visitors to re-consider their relation to their environment. Such a relationship is not a static one, but rather dependent on event and circumstance. Canopy engages one in the mediation of their individual self to the space and community around them.
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