Commissioned by Burning Man for the 2012 art festival in Nevada. In response to the festival's 2012 theme: "Fertility 2.0" Zoa is a large-scale sculpture in three phases. The first is 4 large seed-like elements built of wood, which combined to create a nest-like structure. At night the sculpture's lighting responded to its environment, being motion and sound sensitive. After germinating for several days in the desert the piece transformed in a fiery performance of flame and light. Spore-like elements exploded from the core of each piece, as the piece burned in a continually changing array of colors, revealing a new beginning within. In the ashes stood three steel sculptures, which blossomed the following day. The three abstract organic forms seem almost frozen by day as they reach towards the desert horizon. By night each came alive with its own flame effect. Responsive to its environment each element was interactive with pressure sensitive controls that allows the participant to interact with each part of the piece controlling the flame effects. The largest featured a forced-air and propane effect, the middle an accumulated propane effect, and the third a methanol fountain. The body of each piece came alive with LED light, any sudden sound causes them to change their color.

The final phase continues to be exhibited, and is looking for its final home.
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